Cantrip:The Little Wish

 Wizard Prof Slot:1 wizard,2 Bard,Specialist.3 Rogue,Psi,Priest.


 used to create 4 cantrips +1/level of wizard/bard per day.

 5th level a Wizard need not make a Int check,also can cast unlimited Cantrips

 8th level a Bard can do the same.

 Rosco's Cantrip Mastery (All)

 Level 1

 CT:1+1 per cantrip(MAX 5)


 Area of Effect:Same as cantrips

 Save Throw:Special

 Duration:3 rounds

  This spell inables a caste to cast up to 5 cantrips per round provided he

  does not go over his daily allotment of cantrips,it is very useful in

  embarsment of other targets,also it can be cast on mulitiple targets if.

  they are whthin range.

  Rosco's Cantrip Contingency

  Level 1

  CT:1 round


  Area of Effect:Caster

  Duration:1 week

  Save Throw:None

  This spell acts in all ways like the Higher level Version but it instead

  causes 4 cantrips to activate instead when triggered.This spell is useful

  when looking for a quick Disguise(Color,Smell,Hairy,Dirty)instant BUM!!

  also useful when one is tied up(untie,unlock,Lockpick,Scissors).Or

  when you wish to Really Scare the Shit out of an Opponent(Zap,Sparks,Boom,

  Glowing Eyes).The possibilities are Endless.Enjoy the Spell.

       Rosco's Book of Cantrips

     Please remember the rules for Cantrips

   1)No cantrip can Directly injure another individual

   2)No cantrip can Directly interupt anothers concentration

   3)When influencing another or anothers possessions then that person

     is intitled to a save vs. spells

   4)Cantrips will not harm any magical item,or any item or person within

     the protection of a Protection from Cantrips Spell

   5)Specialists cannot creat cantrips belonging to their opposition schools

   6)When two wizards are attempting to influence the same person or item

     with teleknesis cantrip or a similar type a Prof Check is Required

     the one with the best check wins.


Cantrip Semi-Permanency


Range:		Special

Components:	V, S, M

Duration:	1 day/level

Casting Time:	1 round

Area of Effect:	Special

Saving Throw:	None

	This spell affects the duration of cantrips, making the duration of a cantrip equal to 1 day per level of the caster.


Cantrip Permanency 


Range:		Special

Components:	V, S, M

Duration:	Permanent

Casting Time:	1 round

Area of Effect:	Special

Saving Throw:	None

	This spell affects the duration of cantrips, making the duration of a cantrip permanent.

 Note:By saying directly I mean that a magical force can be created but

  it does not automatically cause damage or throw concentration off for

  another individual.Example A Zap Cantrip creates a Bolt of enengy that

  can both interupt spellcasting and cause damage,but a successful attack

  must still be made by the caster to hit the target.

   Cantrips are the Best thing that ever happened to any low level wizard

   since the sleep spell.(by the way check out the sleepy cantrip.)

   Cantrips:Marbles:can create two handfulls of marbles which when thrown

   cause any walking or running over them to make a Dex check or suffer

   damage from falling,another check is made to stand again.

   Also this spell can be modified to make Caltrops,However they have a

   normal duration compared to the permanant duration of the marbles.

   Balance:This Cantrip gives the caster more control over his equilibrim

   so that he/she may for example cast spells while on board a ship without

   being braced,or it may help in a single Dex feat giving the PC a +1

   bonus to any check for 1 round.For Steadness in a Unsteady enviroment

   it lasts for 1 hour/level.The caster when falling allways lands on his feet.

   Coin:Conjures one Silver that lasts for 5 rounds then disappears.

   if bitten it disappears.

   Sharpen:Can be used to sharpen objects so that they can be used as a

   slashing weapon.Examples a coin can be sharpened so that it can be used

   to inflict 1 point of damage or slice a string of a purse.A thumb nail

   can be sharpened to do the same along to cut roped binding the caster.

   The Somatic component is simply to touch the item to be sharpened with

   ones index finger and to make a hissing noise.

   Boom:This cantrip causes a firecracker to appear in the PC's hand and can

   be thrown up to 10 feet away,it causes a loud bang wherever it hit's and

   usually is used to scare or distract.

   Spark:will ignite any flammable material such as paper or oil,if used

   to catch a persons clothes on fire,then it does after a save vs. spells

   and then it only causes damage on the second round.Range 1 yard

   Conjure Water:can create enough water to satisfy any person for a day,

   or in the Desert for 1/2 day.

   Palm/Place:can cause objects to appear in the casters hand,or cause objects

   in the wizards hand to be teleported into a desired place(such as a purse

   or backpack)each case calls for a save vs spells.Also this cantrip will

   not affect magical items.Useful in retreving spell components from backpack.

   This spell will only affect items that the caster knows are there,such as

   a gold peice that a innkeeper just put in his pocket.Also the spells range

   is 10 feet or less.Also useful for retreiving ones dagger after it has

   fallen.The Range for this spell is 5 feet.

   Snatch:Related to the Palm/Place this cantrip takes items out of anothers

   and places them in the casters,Useful with spell components or small weapons

   such dagger or knives.A save vs spells is also allowed for this spell.

   Unravel/Stitch:This cantrip will unravel a seam of any item of clothing

   such as a purse or shirt causing it to fall apart,Stitch does the opposite

   but a seam must be present.

   Chill/Warm:will cause something or someone to become cold or

   warm.(usually which causes the person to shiver or sweat)

   Glowing Eyes:Causes the PC'S eyes to glow,the color is choosen by the PC

   but if cast before Hypnotism it add's a -1 to the victims save throws if

   he/she looks at the PC's eyes.

   Open/Close:can cause door handles to turn and open slowly/or doors to

   close.If used on chests the lid must be under two pounds in order to lift.

   Unlock/Lock:causes simple locks such as those found on Everyday doors to

   unlock,this spell will not lift bolted doors or those with Superior locks

   made by locksmiths.Also if used on locked chests or cabinents it's chances

   of opening such locks are 5%+3%/Level(8 at first,20 at Fifth)also it

   can be attempted as many times as the caster has levels.

   Mana Meal:Creates 1 small loaf of bread which if used with the water cantrip

   can create enough food to feed the wizard for 1 day,however it is not

   enough to help the PC to gain HP's,it's enough to Prevent loss of HP's.

   Rosco's Annoying Anvil:This spell creates a minature Anvil which weighs

   about 5 lbs. to appear over the victims head,although it causes no damage

   it can cause the individual to fall over in pain(DEX check to remain

   standing),If the target is casting a spell then the anvil waits untill

   the spell is cast.A save throw is possible if the person is expecting

   something to happen.

   Rosco's Card Trick:This Cantrip will conjure a Playing Card of any color

   or shape,if playing a game of cards it can alter a playing card to match

   his description,The verbal component is to whistle "The Gambler" and

   the somatic is to tap the card to be altered.The chance of being caught

   is determined by the DM.

   Rosco's Rubber Ball:Conjures a Blue and Red Ball with a white Stripe in

   the Middle,If thrown the Ranges are 1 2 3. If batted with a Club

   the Ranges become 2 4 6.This cantrip can be used in offensive manner.

   The casting time is 2,The speed Factor is 2 or 4 with a Club.These factors

   can be added together to make an attack.The Ball does 1 point of Punching

   damage which dissapears in 1 turn,This spell is very useful against wizards

   and Priests.

   Rosco's Ball o'Static :This cantrip conjures a ball of static in one

   of the casters Hands,it can be thrown at a target using the casters Thac0

   with Dex adjustments,the Target if hit feels a static shock(no damage) and

   it causes the targets hair to stand up on end for 1 turn and static cling

   to plague him for the day.This gets bad if the target comes in contact

   with alot of people.Of course the Target gets a save throw.Range 1

   Conjure Sunglasses:Creates a pair of Sunglasses for the Caster,with these

   Sunglasses the caster recieves a +1 bonus to any light or Blinding attacks

   of 2nd level or less.The sunglasses only work on Sunny Days.They can be

   altered to help Prevent Snowblindness or SunStroke.

   Conjure Blindfold:This spell conjures a Blindfold that appears on the caster

   it also gives the caster a +1 to his Blind-fighting skills.Very useful

   when taking on Invisible or Gaze powered Creatures.Lasts untill taken off

   Sticky/Slippery:This spell is mainly used to make any area under 1"foot

   either slippery or sticky.Very useful when you see a thief about to draw

   a dagger to stab you with it,or you wish to make a fool of someone by

   making the scroll case there about to give to someone stick to their

   hand causing great woe to the holder.This spell lasts for 2 rounds,a save

   throw is allowed.

   Conjure Lockpick:will create 1 lock pick of the casters choice that lasts

   for 2 turns or untill the lock is picked or the attempt fails.Some Thieves

   who can cast this spell also have a Different Version Conjure"Magic"Key

   which in reality conjures a crowbar to Pry the Lock with,It's duration

   is 1 turn.

   Paintbrush:Creates a Paintbrush tipped with the paint color of the casters

   choice,it is enough to draw a simple picture or write up to five words on

   a surface,after either is done the paintbrush disappears.

   Magic Word:This cantrip creates a mouth such as that on a magic mouth,when

   a certain condition takes place such as a man in green passing within

   1 foot,It speaks one word before dissapating,the max range is one foot.

   Useful as an alarm while sleeping or on ones purse against thieves.

   Jokies Present:This spell creates a Bright Yellow Box with a Red Ribbon

   when the Box is opened it Explodes doing no damage but it Blinds and Deafens

   the holder for 1 round unless a save is made,This spell is one of Rosco's

   Favorites.Duration is Standard

   Rosco's Ripe Tomato:This spell conjures a Very Ripe Tomato that can be

   thrown,it does not substain the person attempting to eat the tomato.

   If thrown it does no damage except to stain the targets clothes and perhaps

   his pride also.

   Bump:This cantrip is used mainly by Gemomancers(Earth Elementalists)

   it is cast on any natural earthen floors or fields,It is mainly used to

   trip running opponents(Save vs.Spells).

   Ball of Smoke:Creates a Ball of smoke that covers a 5'radus for 1 round.

   mainly used for escape attempts.

   Glowing Hand:used by the great Illusionist thief Rasmus,It created an

   image of a glowing hand,this hand lasts for 1 week and is usually used

   as a calling card for crimes or to frighten someone as a pretend curse.

   Ice:Can freeze any cubic foot of water into a single icecube.This

   is useful for creating Ice for drinks at parties.Also it is useful on

   smooth floors,the wizard throws water over the floor and then freezes

   it with this cantrip,causing anyone walking on it to make a dex check

   or fall taking 1d2 points of damage or running to make a dex chack -3

   or take 1d3 points of damage,This cantrip has many uses.

   Rosco's Neck Pinch:This cantrip was taught to Rosco by a Spelljamming

   Grey Elf by the Name of Spack,This Cantrip Gives the Caster a +15%

   chance of Knocking the Target with a Punching Attack.This lasts

   untill the Caster makes a successful Punching Attack or 1 turn.

   Metal Detection:Range 1 foot:this cantrip acts as a scanner in which

   the casters hand senses if metal is within 1 foot of it,used in the

   Griffins Nest Tavern where the Bouncer scans persons to make sure the

   only metal entering is in the persons purse only.No Save.

   Wrap:Creates a small peice of paper which wraps itself around small

   items such as spell components,This cantrip is very useful in conjunction

   with the Palm/Place Cantrip.

   Elemental Shield:Creates a Red Shield around the caster that lasts untill

   concentration ends,it will protect the caster from 8 hp of elemental

   damage,this includes elemental spells cast at him,The caster must

   be crouched with one hand resting on the ground for the spell to succeed.

   No Movement is possible during this cantrip.

   Symbolize:Creates a symbol that can be placed on any flat non-living surface

   it is commonly used by wizards as warnings to other wizards or to inform

   the wizard of another wizards domain.It is only visible when another

   wizard uses any detection spells such as the cantrip Magic Detection.

   DRAIN:This cantrip is the most powerful of all cantrips.With it a Magician

   can Drain Magical Items in order to cast spells already in the wizards

   spellbook.A +1 dagger could power a 1st level spell,A cloak of Elvenkind

   could power a 2nd level spell,a Wand of Lightening could power a 3rd level

   spell.A save throw vs. Distergration is allowed or else the item is

   destroyed.A charged item however does not need this but instead is drained

   of 1d12 charges.This cantrip also has a great effect on the wizard also

   if he fails a System Shock then he passes out for 1d20 rounds.Also if

   the item Distengrates he also takes 1d20 hp of damage.

   Cutting:This cantrip can be used to cut wire and rope up to 1/2 inch.

    I find this one very useful against Bows and Crossbows!

   Adrenaline:This rare cantrip inables the caster to double his/her movement

   rate for 1 round.No extra attacks either..

   Flashlight:This cantrip causes light to spring forth from the casters index

   finger,it can be useful in reading or examining items without using alot

   of light,in close quarter fighting it is useful against anyone using infrav

   ision(save vs. spell to avoid)it lasts untill concentration is broken.

   Range is 5 feet.

   Magic Detection:detects magic within 30 feet of the caster,however source

   is not determined or distinguished.Casters possessions are not detected.

   Zap:This Cantrip Creates a minature Lightening Bolt with can Travel up

   to 10 yards and strike a target doing 1d2 of damage with a successful hit

   (Count DeX bonuses to hit)Ignoring Metal Armors.A save throw is allowed

   for half damage rounded up.This spell will not Penetrate any magically

   protected opponent(anyone wearing a +1 ring,bracers,armor +1 etc...)

   Sleepy:This cantrip causes any person or creature of 1 HD or less to feel

   tired and go to sleep in 1d4 rounds unless a save vs. spells is made.

   This cantrip is used often by Rosco when he is being pursued by guard


   Tasters Choice:Causes items of food to taste as the Caster wishes,Bread

   could taste like Chocolate etc... Other foods in another's possession can

   be altered but allowed a save throw to be altered.

   Count:This allows the caster just by touching somenthing to count how many

   items of his or her choice are within a particular area(1 square foot/level)

   this cantrip is useful in determining how many gold coins are in a purse for


   Glow:This cantrip can only be cast upon any item that the caster is holding

   or upon the caster himself,it can cause a dagger glow green or the caster

   to glow a bright orange,This glow is useless for the purpose of illumination

   but is useful in scaring the average Humanoid.

   Scorch:This cantrip causes paper or thin wood products to burn away to

   nothing without heat or smoke or flame visible.It's range is 1 foot

   and a save is allowed if such item is in anothers possession.

   Exploding Cork:This cantrip can only be cast on corks,it causes the cork

   to explode in a burst of flame(damage only if anyone is holding the cork

   during explosion.It can be set to explode up to a 1d10 rounds  from when the

   spell is cast,Rosco uses this spell often as a diverson.A flask of Gunpowder

   that is plugged with cork can be a very useful diverson.

   Compass:This cantrip conjures a glowing green arrow that appears floting

   over the casters hand,it points north unless a lodestone is present.

   Paintball:This cantrip conjures a paintpellet which can be used in a sling

   or slingstaff or can  be fired out of a Wheellock Pistol without powder.It

   causes no damage but can be aimed at any part of the target with a called

   shot,ignore armor of enemy when determing to hit or not.If aimed at

   face -8 to hit remember if no closed Helm is worn then it also is AC 10.

   only count DEX and Magic Bonus's.If face is hit allow a save vs spells or

   target is blinded for 1d3 rounds.

   Awareness:This cantrip alters the Casters awareness and concentration,while

   under this cantrip the caster loses all DEX bonus's and can only concentrate

   on one item at a time,such as finding a secret door.A +2 bonus is given to

   anything the caster is concentrating on.This cantrip lasts untill

   concentration is broken.

   Sort:This cantrip is useful in sorting items into piles such as sorting

   gold from copper peices into seperate piles.

   Face:A minor Illusion in which the casters alters his or her own face to

   appear different,it requires great concentration and conversation is not

   possible during the spell.

   Polite(Vaxum):This is one of the best Enchantment/Charm Cantrips known:

   it inables the caster to make one creature potite to the caster for

   as long as the caster is polite to him or untill both parties are out of

   visual range,it does not cause the character to act different from his/her

   alignment but it causes them not to be rude ex.Drawing a sword to Attack.

   A CE character might for example politely tell the caster how in great

   detail how he will crush his bones,but he will not for the spells duration.

   Creatures with 3+1 HD are never affected.

   Clean:This cantrip animated cleaning untensils or creates cleaning untensils

   to clean a specific area (10'Max)or Creature.

   Color:with this cantrip the caster can alter the color of any surface,if

   used on ones body then seperate castings are required for hair skin eyes

   if used on clothes then it can enchante one peice of clothing at a time.

   This is a permanant cantrip

   Hide Footprint:This cantrip will hide any footprints made by the caster

   from the time the spell is cast to till the time that he ceases

   concentration.Some believe that Elves can use this spell permantly.

   Guess:This is a simple Divination Cantrip that allows the caster to

   guess how many fingers a person has up,what card someone is holding,

   what word/number someone is thinking or which hand a particular object is

   in,If the person trying to resist the cantrip then a Save vs. spells is


   Inhance Vision:This cantrip lasts untill Concentration ceases,it allows the

   caster to see 3 times his normal vision,however it blurs all vision

   within 5 yards of him.Often used by Magical Scouts.


   Summon:This spell summons or conjures insects,rodents,or non poisonous

   snakes or spiders.Normal Items weighing less than 1 lb can be conjured

   such items cannot be worth more than 1 gp however and may not be made from

   any valueable material.Items 5lbs can be conjured but they have a Duration

   of 1 turn before they disappear.


   Telekinesis:This cantrip can move inanimate objects around slowly and

   jerkily.It has a weight limit of 2lbs.

   Influence:This cantrip can influence anothers bodily Functions in such as

   way that he or she can be made to :wink,nod,scratch,belch,fart,giggle,

   sneeze,or perform some other involuntary action.All are allowed a save

   vs. spells and neither can break spellcasting attempts.

   ILLUSIONS:These cantrips can be left up to the Caster,from what I can

   gather they can create 2 dimensional illusions no larger than a bush

   or rug,all illusions disappear upon touching them.Minor sounds can also

   be produced such as single words such as DOOM! or FLEE! and minor Moans

   and Groans and Chains rattling can also be produced.Smells such as

   a stinky fart or the smell of roses in the air,however they are overpowered

   by the stench of some creatures and undead.Also a strong breeze will rid

   ther area of a scent.


   Spoil(Freshen)Food/Flower:This cantrip will spoil or freshen food or small

   vegatation.If used on anothers meal then it requires a save.

   Exterminate:Kill small rodents and bugs with 0 hp,2/level can be killed

   in this manor.

   Animate Animal:This cantrip can animate small rodents,or can animate one

   small mammal such as a dog or cat.Max 2HD per casting


   Minor Wards:10 foot radius:These wards can be set to do one of three things

   to keep an area warm/cool,to ward off small insects or rodents,and lastly

   to ward off mist or rain or snow.The duration is standard.

   Dispel Cantrip:Dispels any cantrip in Progress or was cast within the last

   turn.Example it will dispel a newly Animated rat,or change somones food

   fresh if it was spoiled with a recent cantrip.

   Polish:This cantrip will polish any particular surface and help with the

   prevention of Rust.All polished items recieve a +1 to their save throws.

   ELEMENTAL Cantrips:Air Cantrips deal with the creation of mists,puffs of

   smoke,hazes,scents and gusts of wind strong enough to dry wash,disperse

   unpleasant odors or knock small objects off shelves.

   Earth:used to create or alter stone,sand,mud,clouds of dust,minor earth

   tremors,and growth of stalactites.

   Fire:used to create sparks(can be cast up to 1 yard),warmth,flickering

   lights(no stronger than a torch) and can be used to ignite dry paper,

   campfires,or thin sticks.

   Water:can conjure water(described earlier)thick mist(rain if mist already

   present)currents or ripples in water and to create small waves.

   BARDIC Cantrips:Buglecall,Ghostly Music,Tune,Pitch,Or percussion to go

   along with songs can be created.Any Musical cantrip that can be thought


   And who can forget the most useful Cantrip of all

   Conjure Spunge:This cantrip conjures a brick of Spunge 6 inches in length

   and 4 in width,It is a permant cantrip and the caster can choose the

   color of the Cantrip.Before one laughs try to imagine the numerous uses

   of Spunge.Use your imagination.

   Any other cantrip are up to the Casters imigination use these wisely!.

These Cantrips are from Unearthed Arcana and also Net Spell book



From: Revised List Processor,

Slider --

This causes a 3' circular area up to 9' distant to briefly (1 second)

become zero co-efficient. It is of instant effect. Instant banana


Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> 

Pucker --

This causes a man-sized target's mouth to become "as if alum had been

applied liberally throughout." The net effect is that he cannot speak,

only make "gargly-choking" sounds for the 1-3 seconds duration. Affects

only mansized, or smaller. 10'r.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> 

Ears --

Allows caster to hear any single source of sound he has "targeted", up

to 20'distant. All extraneous noise is blocked/filtered out so that,

for instance, a single person's conversation in a noisy and crowded inn

would be heard clearly for 11-30 seconds. Instant effect.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> 

Chill -- 1 cube yard --

Causes non-living liquid or solid material to become up to 40*F cooler,

subject to a minimum temperature of freezing. Chilling effect lasts

only an instant, after which subject warms slowly back to normal


Verbal	=> soft whistling

Somatic	=> down thrust thumb

Clean -- 4 square yards --

Removes heavy soil, dust, etc. from floors, walls, dishes, etc. The

surfaces are then spotless, but care must be taken in removal of

pigments and the like, so usually, only one type of material will be

treated in a single application.

Verbal	=> low outrush of air

Somatic	=> circular hand motion

Colour -- 1 cube yard --

Brings colour to an object. Can be used to restore faded hues or change

the colour of an item. Dull or faded fabric can be brightened, pigments

restored, hair or skin changed to another colour. Effect lasts up to 1


Verbal	=> humming

Somatic	=> back n forth or ringing hand motion

Dampen -- 1 cube yard --

Permeates area with fog-like dampness which leaves all materials in it

damp to the touch.

Verbal	=> low hooting or hummed ditty

Somatic	=> hand gesture upwards with fingers hanging down

Dry -- 1 cube yard --

Removes dampness and excess moisture. Useful for cloth, herbs, cleaning

chores, etc.

Verbal	=> none

Somatic	=> two-handed wringing gesture

Dust -- 10'r --

Removes all fine dust and tiny grit particles from exposed surfaces

such as floors, shelves, walls, etc. Material so removed is transported


Verbal	=> continuous in-drawing of breath

Somatic	=> back n forth hand gesture

Exterminate -- 1 small creature or 1/2 cube foot--

Kills small pests such as fly, mouse, rat, beetle. This cantrip is not

effective against magically reduced creatures. Sentient creatures do

get a normal save vs spell magic.

Verbal	=> zzzt sound

Somatic	=> pointed finger

Flavour -- 1 object--

Changes flavour of subject, can be superior, worse, different, etc.

Does not affect quality or wholesomeness.

Verbal	=> muttered lip-smacking

Somatic	=> shaking gesture

Freshen -- 1 object (relatively small size) --

Brings new life to food, drink, flowers, etc. Lasts 1 hour.

Verbal	=> mmm sound

Somatic	=> thumb and finger form O, other fingers apart and upright

Gather -- 1 square yard --

Neatly gathers small items into stack or pile. Can be used selectively

to gather one specific type of objects from among others

Verbal	=> name of material/object to be gathered

Somatic	=> gathering motion

Polish -- 1 object --

Magically smooths and brings luster to such materials as wood, metal,

stone, leather, ceramic, etc. Object must be relatively clean. Works

better on smaller items like boots, mirrors, etc.

Verbal	=> humming ditty

Somatic	=> buffing motion

Salt -- 1 object, up to 1 cube yard --

Sprinkles fine salt on any one item -- careful not to use too much.

Verbal	=> chk chk sound

Somatic	=> sprinkling motion

Shine -- 1 object --

Removes tarnish, rust, corrosion, etc.

Verbal	=> soft humming

Somatic	=> buffing motion

Spice -- 1 object --

Brings particular spice or herb to food or drink.

Verbal	=> type of herb

Somatic	=> sprinkling gesture

Sprout -- 1 cube yard --

Accelerates growth of plants. Seeds shoot forth tiny plants. Newly

sprouted plants grow an inch or so. Buds flower. Fruit and vegetables

ripen or even spoil

Verbal	=> low rising whistle

Somatic	=> lifting hand from closed to spread fingers

Stitch -- approximately 20 yards cloth/2 yards leather --

Sews seams in cloth or leather -- neither stronger nor weaker than seam

done without magic.

Verbal	=> brief rhyme concerning sewing, seams, stitches, etc.

Somatic	=> sewing motion

Sweeten -- 1 object --

Adds sweetener; sugar, honey, syrup, etc.

Verbal	=> buzzing sound

Somatic	=> stirring motion

Tie -- 1 object --

Thread, string, cord, rope, cable, etc. will tightly knot itself either

to it's other end or an end of a similar object within 1' of it. Any

normal knot can be produced.

Verbal	=> name of knot

Somatic	=> hold up two fingers and thumb

Warm -- 1 cube yard --

Causes non-living liquid or solid material to become up to 40*F warmer,

subject to a maximum temperature of boiling. Effect lasts only an

instant, after which subject slowly cools to normal temperature.

Verbal	=> aaah sound

Somatic	=> rub hands together briskly

Wrap -- 1 cube yard --

Creates strong sturdy wrapping, of suitable type and thickness, around

item(s). Can be opened normally or ordered to open.

Verbal	=> specify general class of wrapping desired

Somatic	=> folding gestures

Curdle -- 1 object (relatively small) --

Curdles milk and hastens spoilage or wilting.

Verbal	=> retching sound

Somatic	=> thumb pointing downward

Dirty -- 4 square yards --

Soils, spots, or sullys walls, floors, dishes, clothes, etc.

Verbal	=> spitting sound

Somatic	=> shuffle and stamp feet

Dusty -- 10'r --

Causes film of dust and grime to settle on all exposed surfaces.

Verbal	=> low humming

Somatic	=> both hands move in shaking motions

Hairy -- 1 object --

Causes hair, fur, or fur-like growth to thicken and lengthen. Be it

hair, beard, cat, fur coat, etc. Increase is 2-12 in. Must be trimmed

or cut to remove effect. Can be reversed to shorten growth or

effectively shave, effect on material under 1" is complete absence of

growth for 2-12 days.

Verbal	=> snicking sound

Somatic	=> massaging for growth, scissoring for removal

Knot -- 1 object --

Cause thread, rope, cord, etc to knot itself in such a manner as to be

very difficult to untie, requiring from 2-8 rounds. Does not work on

magical ropes, ropes being held onto by a character or creature, or

taut lines.

Verbal	=> zzz sound

Somatic	=> moving arm forward w/strong wrist motion

Ravel -- special -- reverse of stitch --

Unless item was sewn using stitch cantrip. This cantrip will work only

if there a loose or broken thread in the seam or fabric to be

affected. Will not work on magic items such as bags of holding, cloak

of protection, etc.

Verbal	=> "ravel"

Somatic	=> plucking motion

Sour -- 1 object --

Causes food or drink to take on a sour taste -- like vinegar of the

appropriate sort. Typically used to spoil wine, beer, some pastry. Can

cause up to 1 pint of vinegar to appear over subject.

Verbal	=> whoosh through pursed lips

Somatic	=> clenched hand

Spill -- 1 container -- Opposite of gather --

Causes contents of one container to spill out. Containers of up to 1

gal can be turned over and spilled with this cantrip. Does not open

lids or caps if secure.

Verbal	=> "uh oh"

Somatic	=> abrupt hand motion

Tangle -- 1 object --

Causes fine material -- thread, hair, small grass, to become twisted

and entwined in a tangle. Untangling will take 3-12 rounds, unless

roughly done, in which case the material would be broken, torn loose,


Verbal	=> buzzing

Somatic	=> finger makes stirring motion

Tarnish -- 1 object (1 cube yard or less) --

Causes covering of rust, corrosion, verdigris or the like to any object

normally susceptible to such tarnishing.

Verbal	=> spitting sound

Somatic	=> sprinkling motion

Untie -- 1 object -- Reverse of tie or tangle --

Will not remove both a knot and a tangle. Does not work on magical


Verbal	=> popping sound

Somatic	=> hands moved quickly apart.

Wilt -- 1 object -- Reverse of freshen --

Affects only vegetable matter, whether growing or picked.

Verbal	=> descending hum

Somatic	=> forefinger slowly curls from an upright position

Change -- 1 small object --

Alters one small object into another. The change must be within the

same kingdom. Only animal and vegetable matter is affected. Will not

cause more than 50% in/decrease in size/volume. Effect will last base

of 10 minutes. If change is radical, then the time will be reduced

accordingly. Time can vary from 15 seconds to 24 hours at the GM's


Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> pass hand over object

Distract -- special --

Caster causes all who are watching to look at an area of his choice,

either to the right or left of him and within 10'. Characters with an

IQ 10 or above and high level NPC's at the GM's opinion get a saving

throw. Duration: 5 seconds.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> gesture to right or left

Hide -- 1 object (up to 125 cube foot) --

Hides an object for base of 5 minutes. Desired object becomes invisible

to all who are in front of caster. Does not work if viewers are beside

or behind caster. Does no mask sound, smell. The larger the object, the

shorter the duration and vice versa. For 125 cube feet, duration is 15

seconds. 1 cube foot = 5 minutes 1 cube in or less = 10 minutes.

Verbal	=> abracadabra, higgledy-piggledy, or similar.

Somatic	=> pass hand over top part of object

Mute -- 1 object --

Alters shape of small mineral objects. Can change one metal to another

metal, quartz to diamond, similar items. Does not affect magical items

or items over 5 pounds or 1 cube foot. If another individual touches

the item, they get a saving throw, if they succeed, the cantrip is


Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> pass hand over object

Palm -- 1 small item --

Caster secrets small object in hand without seeming to. Creates an

illusory duplicate of the object to be palmed, so other can be taken

while under similar to hide. Illusory duplicate lasts only 10 seconds,

then winks out of existence. Magic word is spoken while the finger

points at object to be palmed. Caster then picks up the now invisible

object while seemingly only touching or handling the illusory


Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> 

Present -- 1 small item --

Brings any small specially prepared object from within 5'r. Object must

have short ritual performed over it to personalise it to the

spellcaster. Size/weight limit: must be smaller than 1 square foot and

5 pounds. Object appears magically in caster's hand.

Verbal	=> none

Somatic	=> as if closing hand over item.

Belch -- 1 person --

Subject involuntarily belches - save applies only to see how loud or

muffled the burping is.

Verbal	=> almost inaudible belch

Somatic	=> hand pressing diaphragm

Blink -- 1 person --

Subject blinks eye or eyes. Successful save indicates single eye wink

or no effect on one eyed creatures

Verbal	=> hat-cha-cha? or similar

Somatic	=> snap fingers

Cough -- 1 person -- Subject coughs spasmicly. Successful save Means

cough is brief hacking. Failed save indicates victim is affected by

loud and active series of coughs lasting 1-4 seconds.

Verbal	=> gasp

Somatic	=> gagging gesture

Giggle -- 1 person --

Subject giggles involuntarily. Loudness and strength are determined by


Verbal	=> magic word or phrase

Somatic	=> one finger moved back and forth rapidly

Nod -- 1 person --

Subject involuntarily nods head as if in greeting or agreement.

Successful save means he doesn't nod.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> slight nod of head, finger points at subject

Scratch -- 1 creature --

Causes subject to experience itch. Unless save is successful, subject

will scratch.

Verbal	=> name of some body pest

Somatic	=> point to area of itch

Sneeze -- 1 creature --

Subject will sneeze unless a successful save is made.

Verbal	=> pepper

Somatic	=> touch nose

Twitch -- 1 creature --

Causes muscle contraction in some portion of subjects appendages -

head, neck, foot, etc. Twitch will be noticeable but will not cause the

subject great discomfort or loss of control or concentration. Cantrip

is negated by a successful save.

Verbal	=> name of area to be affected

Somatic	=> twitch hand

Wink -- 1 person --

Subject winks one eye. Successful save means rapid, barely noticeable

wink. Unsuccessful save means greatly exaggerated wink.

Verbal	=> 23 skidoo

Somatic	=> imperceptible wink

Yawn -- 1 creature --

Evokes a yawn from subject. If save is successful, creature is totally


Verbal	=> hum lullaby

Somatic	=> rocking motion w/hands

Bluelight -- 1/4' diameter sphere --

Conjures a small sphere of glowing blue radiance. Illuminates a 5' area

around itself. Does not cast reflections? beyond this radius. Does not

affect infravision or ultravision. Appears in open palm and remains

there for

Verbal	=> any rhyme using words "blue" and "light"

Somatic	=> open palm

Firefinger -- 2" flame --

Causes a jet of flame to shoot forth from pointing finger. Will ignite

combustibles, provided they are dry. Lasts up to 10 seconds.

Verbal	=> ron-zon zip-po, dun-hill, etc.

Somatic	=> extend forefinger and make sideways motion w/thumb

Smokepuff -- 1' diameter cloud --

Puff of smoke appears up to 10' distant from caster. Acts as normal

cloud of smoke. May be any colour.

Verbal	=> colour of smoke desired

Somatic	=> move hand from extended horizontal position to vertical one

and breathing puff of air

Tweak -- 1 creature --

Unseen thumb and forefinger harmlessly, but annoyingly tweak some

portion of a chosen subject within a 10'r of caster.

Verbal	=> kitchy kitchy koo

Somatic	=> pinching, pulling motion

Unlock -- 1 lock --

Will unlock simple locks of only the most basic type (ie. using

pressure prongs, bolts and pins, bolts and springs). Will not work

w/tumblers, levers, secret combo, or magic locks.

Verbal	=> tick-tock double lock, etc. (phrase associated with locks)

Somatic	=> twisting motion, as if w/key

Vermin -- 1 small bug, etc. or 1-10 very small creatures (at the GM's

option) --

Summons 1 small pest (ie. 1 bug, 1 spider, 1 bee, up to 1 small

mouse). If extremely small pests are summoned, such as gnats, maggots,

lice, etc, it may produce 1-10 at the GM's option. The critters thus

summoned will be confused and annoyed and will react accordingly.

Caster can cause the vermin to appear anywhere up to 10' away from


Verbal	=> type of insect desired

Somatic	=> point at area vermin to appear

Candle -- 10'r --

Will light any one candle, lamp, or treated torch (only these items) or

will douse any one candle or lamp within 10' radius.

Verbal	=> "on"

Somatic	=> flick finger against thumb and point at candle, then lick

	   forefinger and rub against thumb

Turn Page -- within 5' --

Turns one page at a time or opens book to specified page.

Verbal	=> page # or "next" or "back"

Somatic	=> palm from up to down

Creak --

Evokes sounds similar to that of a door with corroded hinges slowly

opening (2 seconds) or squeaky floorboards (3 seconds) seaming to to

traverse up to 10'

Verbal	=> low creaking noise

Somatic	=> opening motion or walking motion w/fingers

Footfall --

Audible illusion of footsteps (human, humanoid). The caster chooses

direction and loudness. Must begin within 10' of caster, but may

thereafter move up to 25' away or as close as desired.

Verbal	=> footstep sounds

Somatic	=> point direction and movement

Groan --

Audible illusion of wracking cry within 10' of caster. Can be from

within or behind something.

Verbal	=> soft groan in throat

Somatic	=> pointed finger

Moan --

Pitiful or eerie moan, within 10' of caster.

Verbal	=> soft moan in throat

Somatic	=> pointed finger

Rattle --

Chains rattling up to 2 seconds, must be within 10' of caster.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> vigorously shaking hand

Tap --

Invisible force which will rap against any solid object. Sound will

occur once, twice, or thrice according to the number of fingers

extended by caster. If tapped on living creature, they will feel as if

tapped by finger.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> tapping motions

Thump --

Loud but muffled thump from within 10' radius of caster.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> pointing

Whistle --

Faint or loud whistle from within 10' of caster.

Verbal	=> soft whistle, similar to that desired

Somatic	=> 2 fingers near mouth

Coloured Lights --

Creates 1 or more globes of pastel light. Single globe up to 1' in

diameter, 2 globes up to 6", 3 globes up to 4", etc. Will float near or

rest upon caster as directed by fingers within 3' range. Illuminates a

radius equal to 5x its diameter. If not directed, they will float

aimlessly about, approximately 1' from caster's body.

Verbal	=> colour & number desired, and a "magic" word

Somatic	=> direct globes w/1 or more fingers

Dim --

Causes up to 6 torches, a medium sized fire, or a light spell to be

reduced to only 1/2 their normal radiance. Must be within 10' of


Verbal	=> lee-o-stat??

Somatic	=> downward direction w/hand

Haze --

Atmosphere becomes hazy, as if layered by smoke. Strike rolls are -1 if

screened by haze. Adds +5% to hide in shadows. Lasts only 10 minutes or

until dispersed/dispelled by natural conditions.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> blows out air & waves hand as if fanning out

Mask -- 1 person, lasts up to 10 minutes --

Creates an illusionary face. Mask is 15% detectable only if another

person closely scrutinises the face. A dispel illusions will work


Verbal	=> descriptive word of visage desired

Somatic	=> touch face & picture desired visage

Noise -- 10'r. --

Illusory sound of whatever nature can be produced, but it will be

indistinct and confusing, as if at a great distance or produced by many


Verbal	=> imitate sounds of type desired

Somatic	=> point finger

Rainbow --

Creates a 3' long, 1' wide rainbow. Beginning must be within 10' of

caster. Will last up to 5 minutes, then fade away.

Verbal	=> 

Somatic	=> fingers of both hands form pyramid

Two-D-Illusion -- 100 square foot --

Creates a 2 dimensional, still picture, illusion of whatever caster

desires. If seen from 45 or more angle, the nature of the illusion will

be apparent. It can be dispelled by a touch or dispel magic. It is

invisible from the side or rear? and lasts only as long as the caster

concentrates on it.

Verbal	=> descriptive phrase of desired illusion

Somatic	=> circular motion w/closed hand

These are from the net Spellbook




Range:  0

Components:  V, S

Duration:  1 hour per level

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  Book touched

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Thomas Weigel

This cantrip covers the print on the pages of a book and replaces it with the illusion of blank pages.

For the blank pages to be convincing, the pages in the book must be seen by the caster during the

casting, otherwise the blank pages might not match up with the real ones. Also, individual pages

may not be blanked. This is an all or nothing spell. The caster concentrates on blankness while

passing her left hand over the book and muttering the proper words.

Boil Water


Range:  1 foot

Components:  V, S

Duration:  Permanent

Casting Time:  1 minute

Area of Effect:  One container

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

With this cantrip, the wizard can heat the water (or water-based liquid) in a container of up to a

quart to boiling. The wizard must concentrate on the container during the entire casting. The cantrip

is used mainly by herbalists, who use it to create poultices and draughts quickly.


(Conjuration/Summoning, Illusion/Phantasm)

Range:  30 feet

Components:  V, S

Duration:  Instantaneous

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  Special

Saving Throw:  Negates

Author:  Jim Vassilakos

The wizard creates a number of small bugs equal to his level. In the illusionist's case, these bugs are

only illusionary, but with the conjurer, they are real. If they are made to appear within the pockets

(or open orifice) of an individual, a saving throw versus spell may apply to negate the cantrip's




Range:  0

Components:  V

Duration:  Instantaneous

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  10x10x10 foot pile of cloth touched

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Thomas Weigel

This spell removes all small particles from most cloths instantly. All that is required is that the caster

touch the pile of cloths and mutter the short verbal component.



Range:  0

Components:  V, M

Duration:  1d6 seconds

Casting Time:  4

Area of Effect:  Special

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

This cantrip causes a glowing arrow to appear in the cupped palm of the wizard. It is a light green

in colour, and wavers around in the general direction of north. The spell will work underground, as

well as at sea, and is not affected by a lodestone, but it is only exactly right about 25% of the time

and may sometimes be completely off (10% chance). The material component is a sliver of iron.



Range:  0

Components:  V, S

Duration:  Permanent

Casting Time:  1 minute

Area of Effect:  1-yard per level cube touched

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

Count verbally announces the number of objects in the specified area (with a minimum of one cube

yard), like grains of sand or pieces of silver. Count can count 10level+1 things, i.e., a 1st-level

wizard can count 100 things, a 2nd-level one 1000 things, a 3rd-level one 10,000 things, and so


Ferment Grape


Range:  0

Components:  S

Duration:  Permanent

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  One grape

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Ronald Jones (Greymoon)

By use of this spell an apprentice can convert the contents of a grape into fermented wine. It will

not change the skin of the grape, so it will keep its shape. This spell is mostly used by apprentices

tired of the same old food from teachers who do not approve of alcohol, but it could also be good

in an emergency for use against alcohol-sensitive monsters.



Range:  0

Components:  V, M

Duration:  Instantaneous

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  The wizard's finger

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

When cast, the firefinger cantrip causes flame to spurt several inches from the wizard's

outstretched finger. Combustibles will be ignited by the flame if they are dry. The material

component is pitch, which must be rubbed on the finger prior to casting.



Range:  0

Components:  V, S, M

Duration:  1 round

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  The caster

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

This cantrip allows the wizard to impersonate any speaker with nearly perfect ability. The wizard

can only speak in languages he knows, and must possess a small item recently in close proximity to

the original speaker (for example, an article of clothing). The wizard's audience will probably be

greatly amused if they can see who is speaking, or completely fooled if not. The material

component is a mirror, which is consumed in the casting.

Invisible Scribe


Range:  3 feet

Components:  V, S, M

Duration:  Concentration

Casting Time:  4

Area of Effect:  Special

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

By casting this cantrip, the wizard brings into existence a field of force able to write on normal

materials with a quill pen. The wizard must sit quietly for the duration of the writing, and simply

speaks what is to be written. The invisible scribe writes in a handwriting vaguely like the wizard's in

any language the wizard knows how to read. It is fairly slow. The material component for the spell

is ink, which is consumed in the casting.

Jamye's Appearing Ink



Range:  0

Components:  V

Duration:  Special

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  Special

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  D.J. McCarthy

This cantrip turns a small amount of ink (up to one pint) into water. The ink remains clear and

colourless until it dries, at which time it reverts to its normal state. The reverse, Jamye's

disappearing ink, turns up to a pint of water into an inky liquid that evaporates like water, leaving

no trace when it dries.

Katrine's Mirth


Range:  20 yards

Components:  S

Duration:  Instantaneous

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  100 yards

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Thomas Weigel

This cantrip causes a high-pitched, girlish giggle to come into existence somewhere within 20 yards

of the caster. The caster controls where it will sound. It only lasts for a second or two, and

requires the caster to point at the location.

Know Quality


Range:  0

Components:  S, M

Duration:  Permanent

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  Equivalent of one bottle or less

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Ronald Jones (Greymoon)

By casting this spell, an apprentice or wizard is able to tell what quality of wine or champagne he is

drinking. This spell will let the caster know by quickly flashing a colour, on the surface of the drink,

corresponding to the level of quality. It will also warn of possible spoilage (but not of poison). The

colour black means poor or bad quality. Blue means good or average quality. A light blue means

very good and white means excellent. If the flash is black and red, the wine has spoilt. This spell

was developed by apprentices who were tired of getting poor-quality wines for dinner. They also

didn't want to keep being ripped off in pubs. The material component for this spell is a white


Know Vintage


Range:  0

Components:  S, M

Duration:  Permanent

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  Equivalent of one bottle or less

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Ronald Jones (Greymoon)

By use of this spell, an apprentice or wizard is able to tell the vintage (year) of one siingle bottle of

wine or champagne. It is also possible to tell, with a 10% chance of failure, the vineyard or winery

where the wine came from. This spell is very useful for those who are not sure about a particular

bottle of wine. A small drop of wine from the bottle is necessary to cast the spell.

Narek's Shears



Range:  0

Components:  V, S

Duration:  Concentration

Casting Time:  2

Area of Effect:  One target

Saving Throw:  Negates

Author:  Narek

Narek's shears causes hair, fur, or fur-like growth on the target to shorten by up to an inch,

possibly causing it to disappear. Its effect on nearly bare skin is to completely prevent growth for 2

days. The reverse of this spell, augmented hairiness, causes hair or fur to thicken and lengthen by

up to two inches. This increase is permanent until the hair is trimmed or cut. Neither form affects

rugs, furs, or any other hair or fur not on a living body. Unwilling targets get a saving throw versus


Narin's Mask


Range:  0

Components:  V, M

Duration:  10 minutes

Casting Time:  3

Area of Effect:  The caster

Saving Throw:  Special

Author:  Narin

This spell causes others to not see the details of the wizard's face. Anyone paying attention to the

wizard is entitled to a saving throw versus spell. If the saving throw succeeds, they realise that they

cannot discern some detail in the wizard's face; careful attention will then negate the spell. A dispel

illusion will cancel the spell entirely. The material component of this spell is a blindfold.



Range:  0

Components:  V

Duration:  Concentration

Casting Time:  1 round

Area of Effect:  The caster

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

With this cantrip, the wizard can put himself into a trance-like state in which he is highly aware of

the details of his surroundings. For the duration of the trance, the wizard is at +2 perception (or +4

if there is something particular he is looking for), but cannot take any actions. Also, he loses any

Dexterity bonus to Armour Class and takes a further -2 penalty, and is likely to ignore most

attempts at communicating with him. The wizard can break the trance at any time.



Range:  0

Components:  V

Duration:  2 rounds

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  The caster

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Martin Ott

This cantrip sounds a perfectly-tuned note from out of nowhere. The note is centred on the wizard,

and can be heard from a distance of 20 feet. Things that block normal noise (walls, curtains,

silence, 15-foot radius, etc.) block this as well. This spell is useful for tuning instruments "by ear",

or with the help of a tune cantrip.

To cast this cantrip, the caster must speak out loud the name of the note he wishes to hear, such as

"middle C", "B flat", or "quarter-step above the first F sharp above high C".



Range:  Touch

Components:  V, S

Duration:  Permanent

Casting Time:  1 round

Area of Effect:  1-yard per level cube touched

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

Like sort, remove can remove a number of things from a pile of things. The objects removed are

not gone, but placed on a pile adjacent to the original pile. This cantrip has the same restrictions

and capacities as sort (q.v.).

Sanh's Harmless Ray of Light


Range:  6 yards + 1 yard per level

Components:  V, S

Duration:  One second

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  One creature

Saving Throw:  Special

Author:  Max Becherer

When cast, a ray of light is emitted from the wizard's index finger, lasting about a second. The

colour is up to the wizard (sunlight cannot be duplicated, as the ray is monochromatic, like a laser).

If aimed at a creature, a saving throw versus spell is required. If the saving throw succeeds, the ray

missed. If it fails, the ray hits, inflicting no damage.

Only a critical failure (1) can result in any ill effect. In that case, the victim was struck in the eyes,

and is dazzled for 1d6 tenths of a round (-2 on all rolls). Of course, if the creature in question is

blind, or immune to such attacks, there is no effect. At the DM's option, creatures particularly

sensitive to light may be dazzled for a longer period of time.

Note: while the spell is magical, the light generated is not, and therefore is not subject to magic




Range:  0

Components:  V, S

Duration:  Permanent

Casting Time:  1 minute

Area of Effect:  1-yard per level cube touched

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

This cantrip separates the specified amount of any mixture of dry materials: salt and pepper, for

example, or gold, platinum, and bronze. The cantrip does not affect living things, and cannot be

used to separate materials bound together, i.e., mortar, plaster or stone.

Stepping Stones


Range:  0

Components:  V, S

Duration:  1 round per 4 levels

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  Four spheres, 1-foot diameter each

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

This cantrip creates 4 spheres of force of approximately 1 foot in diameter. They can be placed

anywhere within 20 feet of each other, and last approximately 1 round per 4 levels of the wizard.

Combat of just about any sort will destroy these very useful discs, so they are not useful in combat.

Furthermore, these disks cannot inflict any damage to anything, since they are made by a cantrip.

Styrman's Luminous Eyes


Range:  0

Components:  S

Duration:  1 round

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  The caster

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Styrman

This cantrip causes the caster's eyes to become luminous (not a light source worth a damn, but

pretty impressive).




Range:  0

Components:  V or M

Duration:  Instantaneous

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  5-foot radius sphere

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Martin Ott

With this cantrip, the bard can bring one note of an instrument in tune with either a hummed note,

the equivalent note played by a second instrument (in which case the component of the spell is that

other instrument, which is obviously not consumed in the casting; what good would that do?), or

the result of a preceding pitch cantrip (q.v.). The one note will end up perfectly in tune with the

reference note. As many instruments as are in the area of effect can be brought into tune at once.

A well-tuned instrument (with two or more tuned notes) has the effect of making the bard's songs

more melodious and enjoyable; this has the game effects of reducing the saving throws of hostile

creatures versus the bard's mood-altering story telling by 1, as well as making the bard's

morale-boosting song affect the listeners for an additional 50% longer (i.e., one-and-a-half rounds

per level) than it usually does.

Too many notes perfectly tuned on an instrument, however, will have a negative effect on other

bards in the area, who will realise that the tuned instrument has been magically tampered with to

sound so perfect. For each note above one that the instrument has been tuned, the hostile bard

personally gets a +1 to his saving throw versus the playing bard's influencing reactions effects.

Although the tuning is instantaneous, the effects of the cantrip last for a while. In perfect conditions

(humidity on the low side, comfortable temperature, no rough handling), the instrument will stay

tuned for a week. In less than perfect conditions (typical adventuring abuse, for example), the

instrument will have to be re-tuned every day. If the instrument is taken apart for storage, such as

flutes or other woodwinds are, the instrument will have to be re-tuned every time it is reassembled.

The reverse of this cantrip, untune, causes one note of the specified instrument to become horribly

out of tune. It also has the side effect of turning the wizard's hands a brilliant red for one turn after

the cantrip is cast, unfortunately.



Range:  0

Components:  V, S

Duration:  1 hour per level

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  The caster

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Unknown

As with all cantrips, this one can be very useful, but not very powerful. It manifests itself as a field

of force that resembles an umbrella. It lasts for up to one hour per level of the wizard at most, but

if the concentration of the wizard is broken for more than one round, it will fade away. It actually

does have some form and is "worth" 6 HP, but only magical weapons will affect it.



Range:  0

Components:  V, S

Duration:  Instantaneous

Casting Time:  1

Area of Effect:  One 10x10x10 foot cube

Saving Throw:  None

Author:  Thomas Weigel

This spell removes dirt from all smooth surfaces in the area of effect. This includes skin, dishes, and

stone walls, but not wood (unless highly polished), a dirt floor, etc. The caster sweeps her arm in a

wide arc while muttering the arcane phrase. 

Thus ends so far the cantrips of my collection

Peako Macduff

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