SmartJobBoard - Cross-site scripting, personal information disclosure and PHPMailer package



Versions affected:
v5.0.9 and below.


1) Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in the following locations and

/add-listing/ [proceed_to_posting parameter]
/add-listing/ [productSID parameter]
/add-listing/Resume/General/ [productSID parameter]
/add-listing/Resume/General/132 [Skills parameter]
/add-listing/Resume/General/132/* [URL injection]
/add-listing/Resume/General/132 [WorkExperience[WE_Description][1] parameter]
/my-listings/* [URL injection]
/registration/ [CompanyDescription parameter]
/change-password/ [username parameter]
/change-password/ [verification_key parameter]

2) Information disclosure.
Anyone can access other users details, without authentication:
E.g. If your resume is /resume-preview/2/, you can request
/resume-preview/1/  and see someone elses email / phone / address.

3) The product sends emails using the PHPMailer package. The version
is shipped with v.5.1 which is vulnerable to

Discovered by Patrick Webster

Disclosure timeline:
01-Feb-2017 - Discovered during audit. Reported to vendor. Vendor
reports working on patch.
04-Apr-2017 - Public disclosure.

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