Pre-Beta Invite , New (Free) Anti-Virus Software


Im posting to the list to invite Bugtraq users to a closed, pre-beta,
program for a new free Anti-Virus package. The software is called Immunet
Protect, its free Anti-Virus software focused on protecting communities
(versus single users only) through a new approach called Collective
Immunity. Its cloud based, community focused and its nearly in beta and
we would love your help!

If you are interested in participating in the pre-beta please mail me
directly andrew @  and I will get you started. The goal of this
testing is basic install, run time evaluation, side by side product install
impact etc.=20

Please note that this software is designed to work in tandem with your
current AV products or on it=B9s own. It should have little to no impact on
your system performance. The requirements are:

Windows XP SP2 32-bit operating system OR
Windows Vista SP1 32-bit operating system

Internet Connectivity, required to communicate with the Immunet Cloud

[Optional] Norton Internet Security 2009, McAfee Internet
Security 2009 or AVG Free 8.5

I look forward to hearing from you - thanks.


The official release will be driven using the SecurityFocus Beta program
( when it=B9s ready.

Andrew Mcphee
Immunet Corporation