Windows 7 Firewire Attacks - and Defense Techniques


In the course of the Windows 7 RTM release, the Security Research Lab would=
 like to share some results on firewire/DMA based hacks and Windows 7, whic=
h is susceptible to such attacks.

While the attack vector itself is already known from previous Windows versi=
ons, we also describe the impact of Firewire-based Windows authentication b=
ypassing on Microsofts full-disk encryption solution BitLocker, the Encryp=
ted File System (EFS) and Windows domains. A comprehensive section on count=
ermeasures on different layers concludes this whitepaper, which can be down=
loaded from:

Moreover, we have developed a software solution to protect against Firewire=
-based physical security attacks on Windows systems which is discussed in a=
 separate whitepaper:

The software can be downloaded here - use at your own risk:

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