Engeman - SQL Injection Vulnerability (vendor url erratum)

Engeman is a Brasilian software for maintenance control. 

Version tested: 6.x.x and prior. Next versions appears vulnerable too.

The attacker can inject sql codes in username  textbox:

SQL dump affter injection:

select nome,senha,diasexp,dataltsen,permitetroca from cfgusr where nome=NULL OR NOME<>1

select nomegrupo from cfgusr where ignoragrupo=N and nome=NULL OR NOME=1

In firebird the attack have a low impact, but in SQL Server may compromisse the server.

**** The version tested is a made in DELPH language, NOT is a Web Software! ****

Vendor site: www.engeman.com.br.

Plase, give the credits to: Crash and _Sl0t_ - DcLabs