3E Generator Demo
A 3rd edition character generator. This is only the demo, but it has most of the original features intact.

AD&D Battle Tracker
Allows the DM to track up to 10 enemies/monsters and up to 6 players within a hexagonal map grid. All character markers can be actively rearranged each round as the battle continues.

AD&D Dice
A little dice roller.

AD&D Dungeon
The editable dungeon allows the DM to interact with the dungeon on the fly. Adding monsters, player markers, notes and more, all within on easy to view dungeon grid.

A very nice mapping utility for making large scale maps, such as continents or even entire globes. One of the best mappers available.

The Birthplace of Heroes v1.30
Generates a random hero with complete background story.
Some editing afterwards is usually required.

Character Generator
A nifty little program that generates a 2nd edition character for you.
The program can also save the character to a text file.

Combat Database
A combat database for 2nd edition.

Deck of Many Things
A simulator for the mysterious artifact, the deck of many things.

A normal dice roller, with the ability to save the last 10 rolls.

Dice Master
Another dice roller. In this, you can specify a number you'd like the die to go to.

Die Roller
Yet another dice roller. Can roll any die, with any modification.

Dice Roller Deluxe
Dice roller which can roll any die, with modifications. Also has the ability to save the rolls.

Digital Enchantments
Use this tool to quickly roll for magical items.

Dungeon Crafter
One of the best dungeon crafters available.

The Ever-changing Book of Names
The best random name generator available.

GameName v1.3
A name generator that sometimes comes up with some really cool names.

Height/Weight Generator v1.0
Generates your characters height and weight by looking at race and gender.

Innkeeper Generator
A really nice generator that creates an inn with all information from the inn's name, to what's on the menu.

Interactive Dungeon
A nifty program that you can make a map of your dungeon in, and then you can guide your players through it. A cool feature it has is light ratios.

Monster Scribe
Helps you keeping track of monsters.

Polyhedron Dice
Another good dice roller.

Random Spell Generator
Selects random spells from the following: players handbook, red wizard spells, drow guide, forgotten realms, tome of magic, and wizards handbook.

Spellbook Manager
Helps you keeping track on spells, and also makes random ones for NPCs.

Spell List
A program that has all the wizard and priest spells along with their effects.

Spell Scribe
A program to help you keeping track on your spells.

Thieves Guild Generator
A very useful tool if you plan on having a detailed thieves guild in your campaign.
The program generates the thieves names, wealth and personalities, and orders them by rank.

A program that calculates the Time/Distance a party can travel based on the Movement Rate. It can either calculate the distance per time, or the time needed to march a certain distance. Calculation can be done in feet, yard, meters, kilometres or miles.

Treasure Hoard Generator
A program that does the treasure rolls for you. Very nice.

Treasure Generator
Another program that generates the treasure for you...

Treasure Scribe
A program that helps you keeping track of treasure.

Weather Tracker
Judging by season and terrain, this program will determine what weather it is.

Wild Surge
A dos program that rolls for a wild surge in a list of 7000!

A program to help keeping track of items.

A program to help keeping track of spells.

World Generator
A dos program that generates worlds through values that you fill in.

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