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Computer Security:

9 Ways To Hack a Web App
Description: "Learn why and how to build Java web apps secured from the most common security hacks."
Author: Martin G. Nystrom
Format: PDF
Size: 3155.90KB

Auditing Web Site Authentication
Description: A nice compiled list over common website vulnerabilities, and how to patch these up, to prevent identity theft.
Author: Mark Burnett
Format: PHP

Classical Cryptography Course
Description: A very extensive cryptography course.
Author: Randy Nichols (LANAKI)
Format: PHP

Cross-Site Tracing (XST)
Description: This technique allows client-side scripting languages, such as javascript, and possibly other client-side technologies like vbscript, flash, java, etc., the ability access http web authentication credentials, with the added bonus of achieving this result over ssl.
Author: Jeremiah Grossman
Format: PDF
Size: 766.80KB

Google a Dream come true
Description: A text about Google-Hacking, containing a number of tips and tricks, for gaining information that you shouldn't have access to, to begin with. You can find more about google hacking here
Author: ComSec
Format: PHP

Hacking Techniques : Web Application Security
Description: This paper focuses on hacking techniques of web applications and how the implementation of security through programming can keep intruders from wreaking havoc on your system. The paper will define a web application and discuss the architecture of the web application, as it will explain the multiple tier theory. The paper will discuss security in web applications and will look at basic rules in information security planning. The paper will look at seven steps in web application hacking and the top ten vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit in order to gain access and take control of a computer system.
Author: Shynlie Simmons
Format: PDF
Size: 315.72KB

How To Bypass BIOS Passwords
Description: The aim of this article is to explain how to bypass BIOS passwords. By reading this article you should realize you can't rely on BIOS passwords if you need to secure your computer.
Author: Elf Qrin
Format: HTML

SQL Injection Attack and Defense
Description: This paper focuses on educating the security professionals with the risks associated with this situation and tries to give brief understanding of various kinds of attacks that attacker may launch and outline of various strategies that can be evaluated and adopted to protect the valuable information assets.
Author: Sagar Joshi
Format: HTML

Steganography in Computer Graphics
Description: This paper gives an introduction to Steganography, the art of hiding data in images, audio and other formats.
Author: InSaNe^WaRI0Rd *OgGiZ*
Format: PDF
Size: 677.77KB

XST Strikes Back
Description: About three years ago, the concept of "Cross Site Tracing" was introduced to the web application security community. In essence, the classic XST is about amplifying an existing XSS vulnerability such that HttpOnly cookies and HTTP authentication credentials can be compromised.
Author: Amit Klein
Format: PHP